The 7 Steps to the Cure of Souls published by the Society for the Cure of Souls, Robert L. O'Block

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Miracle Reports

God Provides Abundantly for Faithful Families in Need

Child witnesses Angel and is healed after Parents pray over his injuries

Society for the Cure of Souls Founder Robert O'Block Assists in Ministry Project Broadcast to Arabic Nations

Miracle in Massillion

Megan's Miracle

The Power of Prayer

7-day-old Caleb's Miraculous Turnaround

College Football Players Life Saved When Concussion Reveals Brain Tumor Surgery declared unnecessary after friends, family, and fellow collegestudents join together to pray for his recovery

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Quadriplegic is Healed by Prayer

The Power of Prayer

Son Recovers From Car Accident Through Prayer

One dollar and eleven the faith of a little child

Dad's Miracle


Christmas Eve

Megan's Story

Cross appears on wall after fire

I don't know if this is a Miracle or not?

Miracle from Stroke

Josh's Second Chance

Healed of Cancer Without Chemo



Divorce Prayer

Halleluyah my Testimony

Every day is a miracle for me

Pope John Paul 2nd.

Miracle Nativity Scene

A Second Life

Healed from Epilepsy


Blessing Oil

A miracle with proof

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