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Miracle Nativity Scene

I have always told my friends and family about this, but I have never thought to share it with others across a platform like the internet. Secondly, I'm not sure if this is the most legitimate website to do this on but I feel that I might as well try and see if I can get to anyone who could be in need of hearing a miracle of this caliber to help them with their beliefs in God and Jesus Christ.

When I was 7 years old, shortly after my mother and father had divorced each other, my father was driving my younger brother and I back from my grandfathers house on Christmas Eve 1996. We were in San Antonio on Huebner road when we came upon the most amazing nativity scene on the right hand side of the road, complete with living animals and real people. It was extraordinary, and there was a soft glowing light coming from within the manger of which we could not see the source. The manger was so beautiful and unique that as we passed it my dad and I could not take our eyes off of it and kept telling each other how awesome it looked. My brother, who had been laying down asleep across the back seat, awoke asking what we were looking at (he could not see since he was laying down). There was a sharp turn ahead of us and as he got up to look back at the manger said he could only see the light from it and begged us to go back. It was late and I was tired, and being the spoiled kid I was pleaded to my dad for us not to turn around and that it was too bad that he missed it but I was tired and wanted to get home. However my dad decided to turn around and let my brother see the nativity scene since it had amazed us so greatly.

We turned around within no more than 20 seconds of taking the turn and headed back down the same road that we had been on, now heading the opposite way that we had been traveling. When we came around the turn again and upon the area where the manger had been now on the left side of the road there was only a clearing in the woods where the manger had sat less than a minute before. Nothing was there. There was no longer any glowing light, animals, people, or manger, but only a small clearing in the woods along the side of the road. The first thing that my dad said was "Boys, we just saw a miracle!" and my brother and I were in shock and amazement. It truly was a miracle, and I have remembered and thought about it for the past 11 years of my life.

My dad, brother, and I all recall this miracle almost exactly, with the exception that my dad recalls the people waving at us as we drove by, however I do not remember this happening. I hope to find others who have witness a miracle similar to this one so we can share accounts one day, but I have yet to find any.

Corbin B.

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